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Incorporated Date:

June 4, 2003

The Story so Far…

In 2003 five Barrie Surveyors got together and decided to implement a very simple, but original database designed to add value to the surveying industry. Initially the database was created by Surveyors for Surveyors but LSR soon realised that this idea would benefit others such as the general public, lawyers and real estate agents.

The idea was that the database would:

  • Produce revenue to surveyors for sale of their plans
  • Consolidate private and public plans electronically in Ontario
  • Ease search and retrieval of plans (owners own/others’ plans) 24/7
  • Eliminate paper copies/utilise office space by safe offsite storage

18 months on, this innovative idea had become a reality. A once tiresome, time-consuming and inefficient process has been transformed into a streamlined, accessible, and secure operation.

Membership of LSR is increasing at a steady rate with positive feedback and endorsements from members and is a great reference and purchase point for those in the non-surveying world.

Moving forward, LSR are building on their initial experience and success by developing the business further in terms of database enhancements, raising awareness and growth in other market sectors.



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